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In today’s fast paced environment, effective, rapid communication is more important than ever before. Last minute itinerary changes, an urgent order update, last second cancellations… Let’s face it, sometimes they’re unavoidable. When they do happen, you need to be able to communicate the changes to the right people fast. Many of us think about sending a text message or an email, but modern telephony systems are making a comeback with the introduction of Unified Communications systems and remote presence technologies. With a modern phone system, you can take your office phone with you on the go, and still have access to your corporate contacts, voicemail, and other UC features.

FreePBX takes this one step further by offering an open-source approach to telephone systems, and significantly reducing the expense of the entire system. FreePBX also has built-in enterprise grade features such as queues, ring groups, reports, and their new Zulu UC software. On top of being a free to use downloadable Linux distribution, there are also several paid features that expand the system’s functionality. What makes FreePBX a great fit for small businesses is it’s flexibility. Choose an VoIP phone that you like and chances are, FreePBX is compatible with it. FreePBX has support for just about any phone that uses SIP signalling, and FreePBX can also accommodate traditional telephone lines for fax machines or alarm systems.

We like FreePBX for it’s flexibility, cutomization, and ease of use. It takes roughly 10 minutes to set up a new extension and provision a phone for a new user when using FreePBX with Sangoma phones. It has a large and growing support community answering questions and helping new administrators troubleshoot any problems they might encounter, and it can run on anything from an old unused computer, to a VM inside of another server. To find out if FreePBX would be a good fit for you and your organization, Contact Us or visit for more information!