Moran Technologies

About Us

Moran Technologies is a small, local Brainerd Lakes Area technology consultant familiar with many different areas of today’s fast paced tech industry. We’ve worked with automation products like PLCs, computing products such as servers and small to medium size business network appliances, telephony products from FreePBX and Sangoma, web design and marketing tools like GoDaddy and WordPress, business tools like Google’s Gsuite, and more.

The business was started in 2014 as a part time side gig for the owner to fill time between jobs. Today, it is still a part time job for Steve, with late nights and weekends being his preferred working hours. Because of the part time nature of his availability, we choose to focus more on a strong relationship with a few customers, rather than a hands-off relationship with many customers. We believe that building and maintaining strong, healthy relationships with our customers helps us to understand the unique challenges of each customer’s operation and enables us to focus on solutions that make sense for their specific needs. It also allows us to anticipate our client’s needs and make proactive decisions to meet them.

Contact us to learn more about how we work or to set up a consult.